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Minor and Major Surgery
Labor and Delivery

In any pregnancy, labor and delivery is simultaneously the happiest and scariest of experiences. Dr. Vijay Pendse will keep you calm and focused during this time offering epidural and oral medications and providing Cesarean sections in necessary cases.


A colposcopy procedure is completed in office and is indicated for abnormal pap smear findings. Biopsies are taken when medically necessary. 



A hysteroscopy is an inspection of the inside of the uterus with the use of video camera attached to a tube-like apparatus. A hysteroscopy can detect and be used to treat fibroids or fibroma, polyps, or heavy bleeding. 



A laparoscopy is a procedure in which the inside of the abdomen in inspected through a video camera attached to a tube-like apparatus. This is used to find abnormalities, such as ovarian tumors and cysts, fibromas, ectopic pregnancy, and endometriosis, so they can be properly treated. 


Other Procedures

Adhesion removal and biopsies are also indicated for pain control. In some cases, surgery is needed for urinary continence and hysterectomy. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Vijay Pendse to discuss these, and other procedures, in more detail. 


Welcome to Our Practice! 


Vijay Pendse MD is proud to serve the neighborhood community for all women’s healthcare needs. Our mission is to make our patients feel welcome in a comfortable environment to discuss their medical concerns, become more knowledgeable about their health, and take part in decisions affecting their life. Come in anytime for a drop-in visit or schedule an appointment to learn more about the services we offer, and the care and compassion we give. Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact the office manager, Mrs. Meah, with any questions or concerns. 


Compassionate & Efficient Care Anytime, Anywhere

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